Listen to me read this poem

- Pomponius Mela a.d. 50

- Anon

Even so, things began very well
After eight months battened down apart
The women and men were inseparable,
Making the beast-with-two-backs
As if a new order of existence was imminent...

But then the rum and their luck ran out
And after four days they were clapped back
In their categories: pongoes and tars,
Loblolly boys, forgers and footpads.
The political scum of the Irish bogs,
Dregs of the English slums, their sweethearts
Once more reduced to "tarts"...

1788 turned into 1789
Bats and birds fell dead in the heat
But the avant-garde of the Criminal Class
Dragging their chains and groaning
Like didgeridoos, got Circular Quay
Ready for new chums.

And in twill, barathea, serge, linen, gold braid
And a cocked hat, Governor Phillips
Hero of the English Propertied Class
Strolled and fancied a monument
To his First Fleet in full sail
Fantastic upon the promontory

- from Bloody Oath!